Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This Mutant Life

Writing is an adventure for me, in much the same way reading is. I love the surprise of discovering how my characters will behave when they find themselves challenged in certain ways and how they fit into different environments. So my writing tends to touch on many different genres. 

The novel I have been working on for nearly a decade now is Young Adult Distopian Fiction, but my short stories have crossed crossed through horror, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, children and adult fiction.  

Neo-pulp is the latest which I have tried to mould my words to. A clever and very talented writing friend of mine, Ben Langdon, has put together a neo-pulp fiction anthology in two parts and invited me to submit a piece.

This in itself was a challenge, as in the past I have only really ever written stories as they have come to me. I don't usually sit down and write short stories with a purpose or genre in mind, but I am always up for the challenge. 

The story which evolved from that reasonably excruciating process is called ‘Immortal’ and I am pleased to say it was accepted for the anthology.  It’s pretty exciting to be included alongside some very talented writers.

Part One, This Mutant Life is available now 

and Part Two, Bad Company, which will contain my story, will be available soon.

More info can be found on Ben’s website and blog