Thursday, July 1, 2010

my creative space

As with many of you out there, we are experiencing a very wet and cold winter school holidays, so all my creative stuff at the moment is centred around the kids. We have been having such a lovely time. We did some very unsuccessful, but fun, wet wool felting, box creations, photography, drawing and yesterday we turned the kitchen into a potters paradise. Seriously, I think it is the messiest the kitchen has been for a long time and that is a serious statement.

 I had forgotten just how wonderful it is to play with clay. We did some really great faces and tomorrow, hopefully we will decorate them.

Daniel my 6 year old loves the camera and I think he has quite the eye. These are not just random. Every single shot he did had great composition - some a little blurry, but then so are most of my shots these days. It's hard work taking shots quickly when you hate using the flash! I do quite like blurry photos as well though. They really do seem to catch the essence of my life much more than sharp photos do.

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