Friday, September 17, 2010

my creative space

Who knew renovating could be so stressfull? OK. Everyone does! But honestly, I didn't excpect myself to be having anxiety attacks over light fittings.
Turns out I have very expensive taste and I guess that is what my anxiety attacks are really about. I'm not good at making decisions that are reasonably permanent and cost lots. I'm good at the easily changeable, cheap, op shop kind.

Of course it doesn't' help that I have two very distinct sides to my taste palette. There is the more eclectic, just a bit messy and chaotic side, which likes loud clashing colours, crazy mosaics and granny rugs. This is in competition with the super clean lined, minimalistic, neutral coloured designer in me.

So how then do I make the two huge enamelled green industrial shades I have work with the sleek brushed silver wall lights I have just ordered. I'm just going to throw it all in the pot and stir, so stay tuned! 

All in all it's all going well, perhaps a little slower than expected. It is extremely exciting to see it all taking shape.

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