Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space

This week is all about refilling the well. After a bit of a reading hiatus due in no small part to raising two small children, I have suddenly rediscovered the joy, and lets face it plain addiction of reading. I have of course been reading little bits and pieces, short stories (thanks Cate Kennedy) and the like, but there is nothing like sinking your teeth into a good juicy bit of fiction. One that drags you away from the mundane, and lets you convince yourself that it is OK not to do the dishes just now, or that 1/2 an hour before school pickup isn't enough time to do anything else but read. So needless to say this new found addiction is probably going to play havoc in my already overwhelmingly messy house.

This year is also supposed to be one full of writing for me. I enrolled myself in a year long writing course in a bid to get myself motivated to finish a novel that I started writing before the kids came along. Of course, I feel too guilty to dedicate my little free time to it, so it is happening very slowly and homework will be happening well into the night, the night before, something which I am quite a master at.

On quite a different note, how lucky was I to find this lovely stash of fabric and sheets at the local op shop. The whole lot costing a whopping $4. I love the purple daisy fabric. My little girl is going to be very well dressed next spring!

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  1. what a fabulous stack of books you have there! And I am green with envy over those sheet - great find.

  2. Wow! Love those sheets - you found all of them in one hit at one op shop?!?! She is going to be one well dressed girl!

  3. OMG!!! That sheet haul only cost you $4!!! How ace is that???
    Good luck with the writing - keep in mind that it is so important for your to find the time because the children are always watching you. You would want them to invest in themselves in the future and they will learn that skill through watching you pursue your own passions.

  4. Thanks for the advice Sally. Too true, but easier said than done. I'll have to practice

  5. Wow, there are some great prints in that stack of sheets and all for $4! You must have skipped out of that shop.