Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Creative Space

I love babies. My own babies and my friends babies. Only after having children of my own did I discover the magic of these tiny bundles of joy. Before children I was completely unaware of what snuggly beautiful innocence they represent. I couldn't understand it in the slightest. Little kids, sure they were cute, liked them. Babies, well I didn't get it. Thankfully I do now.

Having re-learnt the craft of crochet after my babies have grown into little people, I now relish in the opportunity to crochet for other peoples babies.

One of my very lovely friends has just been blessed with twins. Oh dear. At least it's double the love as well, and double the crochet.

Of course this is what I should be doing! Does anyone else live like this? Or is it just me. Everyone else out here seems to be prolific in their crafting, and have time to set up beautiful photo's, and seem to do lots of wonderful things with their kids as well.

On another note, here is our other creative project. Looking like it's not going to meet our September deadline. Oh well.

Eloise and I are feeling a little sad today, because it appears we have lost her (and mine) favourite dress. It was so bright and lovely, and warm. I'll have to try and make another one, but it will never be the same.

It appears that I am as erratic as ever today. Just love this lovely, blurry, wintery photo.

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  1. *hand up in the air* We live surrounded by washing too. It is never ending. I blitz it and savour the moment of it all being done... sometime reluctant to feed my children their next meal because I really don't want to start the washing cycle again so soon. Other times I just let in build up in baskets knowing that my partner will thank me for the opportunity to watch footy (because he can hang around all weekend watching the footy if he is folding washing!)

  2. yes I have those, "what I should be doing" moments! But the last couple of days I have avoided doing the washing! hahahaha... if I don't wash, I don't have folding & ironing to do! I will do it tomorrow, after the birthday. Then I won't care about not getting it all away in a hurry.

    Other stuff gets done as it really needs but yes, much gets neglected to craft! lol We could use a maid huh? You & me... yep I think so. lol More time for fun stuff then.

  3. Ugh with a party of 7 over here laundry is never ending..I feel ya! Sweet sweet crochet, it's always so much fun to give away especially to the wee ones :)

  4. Ah, the necessary evil, washing! I always have a chair against the wall in the kitchen, loaded with clothes to iron and it talks to me when I walk by it (not very nicely), but i do my best to ignore it most of the time! :)
    I would love to crochet such a cute hat.

  5. i heart that little acorn hat.